The Lakers Are A Latino Tradition

The Buss family are successful in business for a reason. They know their demographic and realize that there is more to Lakers ball then the black and white folk. The fastest segment of growth in NBA viewership is the Latino segment. While states like Arizona war over illegal immigration the LAKERS court latinos with their own Spanish speaking regional Lakers channel. I envy the savviness of the Lakers management. They know how to capitalize on trends. Management realizes three things – 1) Kobe is aging 2) Coach Zen is headed off to a nursing home 3) Pau Gasol is a latino star. With the sizzle cooling they transition over to a fan base that doesn’t care about winning as long as they understand what is being said. The majority of Latinos consider themselves Lakers fans!

Heck, I would like to personally invite every Latino to visit Lebasketbawl. Anyone with a speck of latin blood come on down to the baloncesto blog party! If you comment in Espanol I’ll return the favor! 

While the Lakers are rocking the NBA is floundering. They have to pander to the only demographic that is actually growing! Instead of David Stern pounding the drum for the Hornets to relocate to of all places VANCOUVER he should be looking into Mexico City! The Canadian thang is so yesteryear! Its time to go South of the Border! The Mexico City Cartels sounds like a great name! Mexico City has 21 million people in their metro area. Sounds like enough Mexicans to support 2 franchises! I say move the the Sacramento Kings! I’m sure the Maloofs would love that since they have always been the whipping boys of the California teams! Mexico may even embrace Demarcus Cousins fisticuffs!

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  1. YO KOBE,

    GREAT IDEA MY MAIN MAN! Then we can all get shot up when we cross the border like they did to that Missionary Couple last week!!! COUSIN PAULIE PREFERS THE Tijuana Torturers and the Mexico City Maniacs! And Don’t forget NEW YORK VINNIE is half Puerto Rican! He Could become the Freaking General Manager!!! HOO-HAA!!!



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