WTF?!?! Lakers F’in Brian Shaw

One of the reasons I’m a Lakers fan is because of this thang called LOYALTY! The franchise always took care of their own. It’s like the General Electric of basketball. The Lakers always respected their past coaches and atheletes. Just look at the respect Magic, Riley, and Kareem have for that franchise.  

Phil Jackson is done. We all knew this was his last year. He was a great Coach and is largely responsible for the greatness of my idol Kobe. For years, us Lakers fans, have been hearing that Kurt Rambis was going to be the next coach. Remember the rumor that Rambis would coach the away games and Jackson the home? Rambis finally got tired of waiting and went to the frozen wasteland of that pathetic franchise in Minnesota. Hell, even Rambis still respects the Lakers organization as he attended Lakers playoff games.

If you read between the lines this season and watched the Jackson/Shaw dynamic you got the understand he was grooming his heir apparent. Lakers loyalists just assumed that Shaw would be the next Coach of this coveted franchise. In fact, I for one, was looking forward to it.

Now, I hop on the Internet today and find out that the Lakers are throwing Shaw under the bus!!?!?! They are actively pursuing a vet coach named Rick Adelman? They are going to screw my boy Shaw for Adelman? KOBE F’IN BRYANT PUBLICLY SAID HE WANTS SHAW!!! Just like that? Bam! Shaw ain’t good enough? Am I missing something here? Isn’t this counter intuitive to the image the Lakers have tried so hard to create? Shaw has been very loyal to that franchise. Brian played 4 season with the Lakers and has been a coach for 7. That is 11 years of Laker’s employment.

If the Lakers bury Shaw Los Angeles should be very, very angry! It’s bad enough that LA has got to deal with the menace 2 society in Lindsay Lohan (click to hot pics).

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