WTF?!?! Deron Williams A NET? This Is The Wacky World Of The NBA

I have always liked Billy King. He got a bum rap in Philly. King is the last GM to take the Sixers to the NBA Finals. In fact, the Sixers have sucked since he left. King stole his cross river rival’s thunder. Though Chris Paul strongly dislikes this trade I’m sickly impressed. Jersey needed to snag someone to fill those seats in the Newark Arena. People aren’t going to go there unless they got something stellar to look at. Deron Williams is stellar. His is a bit of a hot head and contributed to Sloan’s retirement meltdown. This may have been Jazz retaliation to turf him to Newark, NJ. Just think Deron now has Snooki to hang wit. 

If you can handle his temper he is perhaps the best point in the game. Lets see if the “foe” coach  Avery Johnson can.

Devin Harris was good but not great. He averaged 15 PPG. Williams averages 21. Harris averages 7.6 assists. Williams averages 9.7. Its an improvement no doubt! Williams gives the Nets a headliner. Something they yearned for with the Russian mobster at the helm of the franchise. However, losing Favors hurts. His upside was big. Though the Nets were not using him nearly as much as they could have. Favors was only averaging 20 minutes per game and had mediocre stats (6 pts, 5 boards).

Billy King logic – Deron William’s skillset can increase Lopez’s production. Lopez is having a personal best in scoring 19 PPG. His rebounding has dipped to 6 RPG. I attribute that to the D-league players around him. Opposing D’s can just key in on Lopez. Williams is much better at the pick and pop and pick and roll. This not only will help Lopez score but improve his rebounding. This move also enabled King plenty of cap room going into next season. No doubt the squatting Newark, NJ Nets will acquire another star in this offseason. That will set the stage for true competition with the NY Knicks as they open their Brooklyn Arena in 2013.  The Atlantic Conference is upping the level of play – no doubt.

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