Wow. The Tractor Trailer is Dead

It’s a sad day in the basketball world. Though, Robert “Tractor” Traylor, never reached his full potential in the NBA he had one of the best nicknames. I’ll never forget all the hype about him when he was drafted many moons ago. At the age of 34 (the same age as myself) it is hard to justify such a short duration on this Earth. 

It looks like he died of a heart attack in his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He had a history of heart problems including surgery on his aorta in 2005. He was still hanging on playing pro ball for the Bayamon Cowboys in Puerto Rico. He wasn’t a great NBA player but he was entertaining. In his 7 NBA seasons he averaged roughly 4 points / 4 boards a game.

He had his legal troubles but he was a good man. It is a sad day, he leaves behind a wife and two kids. Hopefully, there is a still a lil bit of money left to support them…though I have my doubts.

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