Wounded Blazers – 2012 World Champions?

This one isn’t a shock. Brandon Roy is having double arthroscopic knee surgeries. He was the 2007 Rookie of the Year. His promise was endless. His career averages are 20 PPG and 5 APG. Roy is just another example of a player whose career has been cut short by injuries. The Trailblazer’s can’t win for a lack of trying. This is the 2nd straight year of injury abuse. If it wasn’t for Coach Nate this team would be a heck of a lot worse then 20-19. To be frank, I’m shocked they are even a .500 team. How many miles are left on an aging  34 y/o Andre Miller (13PPG, 7APG) and a 36 y/o  Marcus Camby (6 PPG, 12 RPG, and 2 BPG)? These two along with stellar play from LaMarcus Aldridge (20 PPG, 9 RPG) have propelled this Blazers squad. This trio was not  the expected one. Many believed it would be “Mr. Ricketts” Greg Oden (NY Vinnie’s fav), Brandon “no knees” Roy, and  Aldridge.

Aldridge finally came into his own this year. Portland has waited for him to mature and to carry the load. He has done that and more. Currently, his stats are up year over year by 3 PPG and 1 RPG. He has shown excellent poise down low in the PF spot. He is transforming into an elite power forward option. This transformation has saved Portland from a sub-500 record. However, the window for Blazer greatness is closing. Years ago I saw bright things for the Blazers. Now, I see seasons of mediocrity and angst. 

The only thing that could save the Blazers is fate. The fate of my idol Kobe Bryant. Kobe has acknowledged that he is no longer in his prime. The hour glass is three quarters full on the “Black Mamba.” The Lakers have a good chance at winning the championship one more time. This my friends will be the last. Kobe is fiercely competitive but how much longer can he will the Lakers to victory? This chapter is slowly coming to a close. If the Blazers can somehow get productive minutes out of Brandon Roy in 2012 and if Mr Ricketts can give them ANYTHING they might just might be able to hoist the World Championship in 2012. Imagine this healthy and productive group – Andre Miller, Aldridge, Roy, Camby, Oden? 2012 is gonna be the Blazers last stand. Don’t mistake coincidence for fate. The fate of the Blazers is tied to Kobe’s decline.


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