Win $100 with your Basketball Blog…

There is an interesting site that I have been a part of for a while called that if subscribed to, will check your feed for new posts and link them to you to get some more exposure to your site.

The service used to work really well for me, but after the first couple of months of blogging I had forgotten about it as it seemed to be dying off.  Well just the other day, they hit me up with an email which looked like they were trying to make some sort of a comeback and start back their growing nature.

So yesterday I got a second email from them about a contest they are putting up:

To try and motivate our bloggers to get inbound links we’re going to have a contest to see which blogger can get the most inbound links to their blog.  The winner gets $100.  The contest starts now and goes until July 31st, 2008.  To learn more about the contest go here:

Sounds interesing enough and could give you a little incentive as a small or even mid-sized blog to earn an extra $100 bucks.  Start writing those linkbaiting pieces so you can put that $100 towards your new basketball hoop!

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