Why Did The Heat Lose? Simple – Spoeltra Failed Them

Spoeltra is young and to be quite frank is being out-coached by Rick Carlisle. Experience wins….lack of experience loses. Biggest mistake in the Finals: Allowing Chris Bosh to guard Nowitzki at the end of the game. Haslem, the superior defensive player, was on the bench. I’m not alone, the daily dime agrees with LB. If Sloan, Larry Brown, or Pat Riley was the coach this mistake would not have occurred. The Heat would have been up 2-0. It is that simple. I don’t buy the media’s story that D Wade’s posed trey fired up the Mavs. Every NBA player showboats and the Mavericks are no exception. The Mavs still had fight left in them and that fight was led by Dirk Diggler who had flashbacks to his 2006 NBA Finals loss.

The other massive coaching mistake? Allowing the Heat to shoot the three ball in the 4th and not setting up an effective half court offense. It is the Coach’s job to find an offensive set that works. He allowed the players to dictate the end of this game. Wade and Bron-Bron got too comfortable hoisting up those threes and forcing the transition baskets. If they ran an effective half court set then the glaring mistake at the end of the game would not have been obvious (Bosh on Dirk Diggler).

The combination of a lack of half court sets and poor defensive matchups is what enabled the Mavs to steal this win. Not the media’s portrayal of the Jason Terry rallying cry after the DWade show boat! We will see if Spoelstra learns from this or continues to stumble through these Finals…


  1. Amen! Finally, someebody says the truth about Game 2. Coach Eric stumpled majorily in the critical fourth quarter. Lebron should post his 6’8″ frame on the block in the 4th sometimes; D. Wade should have had set plays run through his hot hand–going to the basket and a point guard needed to run the offense, Not Lebron. Miami won 1, Coach Eric contributed to 1 loss.

  2. Great article! I agree, and I think Spoelstra will learn from this.
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  3. Uh…LeBasketbawl, while we all understand your very site name shows you have a lot invested in the credibility of King James, your explanation in this article is ridirkulously thin. The Mavs didn’t just beat the Heat…they beat the Heat in 6 games. And with a 10-point spread in the final game…in Miami. And this is Spoeltra’s fault for putting Bosh up against Dirk.

    You can blame Spoeltra if you want. But the self-proclaimed Big 3 and all their talk about ‘easy’ championships leaves nobody better to blame than LeBron, himself.

    Magic Johnson called it last night. These guys don’t have a clear strategy. Sure, the coach is partly to blame. But ‘egomania’ is the biggest culprit in the room.

    Partyin in Dallas, Baby!!!!!!

    • @Barney – best quote “But ‘egomania’ is the biggest culprit in the room” – I 100% agree with this. That is part of why I believe Spoeltra can’t be the coach. The coach has to be able to handle egomanics… Coach Zen could handle both Shaq and Kobe and MJ and Pippen and Rodman. Coach Riley could handle Magic and Kareem. Coach Larry Brown handled AI. Coach Rivers handled his big 3 in Pierce, Allen, and Garnett.

      Bottom line is Spoeltra can’t get it done. Part of why the Mavs won has to do with Coaching. Give Cuban credit – he recognized this and fired Coach Avery Johnson – much to everyone’s dismay. Looks like that Carlisle hire was HUGE…

      Mcnabb err Lebron will never win with Spoeltra at the helm.

      • Totally agreed with Barney.
        The 4th-quarter choker couldn’t deliver. He ain’t try to blame his teammates this time cos he failed the team. if he doesn’t contribute in the offensive end, he’d better guard J terry well on the defensive end. Look how he got his ankle broken by terry? gotta quit complaining and work on his game this summer.

        • Stranger – you are on my man.. You gotta come by more often. I miss your insight. It is pathetic that J Terry broke Lebron’s ankles. I love J Terry but lets call it as it is. Scottie Pippen claims Lebron is “the best two way player” even better then MJ. MJ would never have let Terry break his ankles in his prime. Hell, I bet MJ could have guarded Terry better at his ripe old age of 50!

  4. So many times the NBA allows coaches with little or no experience to enter into these positions. Spoelstra had an amazing opportunity with an unstoppable team, and they still got defeated. It’s a shame, but Spoelstra failed to play the correct players at the right times. He didn’t call time outs. Finally, he sat out players that he matured throughout the whole year, and brought in mediocre players.


    • Pete your best point “but Spoelstra failed to play the correct players at the right times. He didn’t call time outs” Case in point – spot on

      • time-outs, pressure, responsibility. it’s too much for a young coach to handle. so i think he did the right thing: sitting out and let the players run the show. haha shame it didn’t work out at last.

        • @stranger – Spoelestra got pretty damn close. He didn’t get exposed till the finals. I hope that Riley does the right thing and comes down to coach yet again. – on a side note, how do you feel bout Mike Brown as the LAL new coach? I’m a hater. I don’t think Brown has accomplished anything but being Lebron’s bitch in Cleveland.

          • so far mike brown is a bit like avry johnson who has lead his team to the top of the conference during the regular season but failed in the playoffs. Given the lakers roster, they ain’t have any trouble going to the playoffs even without a coach but hard to predict beyond that with the presence of mike brown.
            hopefully riley has better things to do than coaching cos it’s almost like cheating: instead of working on their games, they just add better players and coaches to the team plus i’d like to see cavs win a title before james does.

  5. Cavs winning a title before Miami would be ironic. However, the odds of that happening are like me winning the powerball. Lebron will ultimately get is championship via default.

    Mike Brown – I’m just not a believer. As a die hard Lakers fan I see them taking a step back under Brown. I just don’t think he understands the LA philosophy. He will struggle. Lets hope Kobe is a better coach then DWade..


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