Whoa Bill Russell, Calm Down Big Guy.

Did anyone else notice that obnoxious laughing cackle-ness streaming from their stereo speakers during yesterday’s pre-game show? I was trying not to watch the pre-game because I didn’t want to hear the 10 different takes on Paul Pierce’s comic knee issue and instead I was treated to one, Bill Russell laughing uncontrollably for who knows what reason.

At some point these big networks need to realize that having former players participate on their pre-game shows is not always the best idea. Russell seems genuinely like a nice guy, and I understand all the history that involves him, but the guy has no place on a TV set. Just because he won 9 or 11 championships with the Celtics doesn’t necessarily transpire to “TV personality genius” here people. How many 74 year olds do you know that would highlight a championship sporting event?

I guess there really is always one positive thing you can take from something negative though! His snarling laugh was so hideous that I’m not even sure what the pre-game discussions were. So in that light, I’m sort of glad he was there whaling away during Stu Scott’s rambling, clichéd, non-humorous rants and trendy chatter.

Thanks, but really, no thanks Bill.



  1. C’mon man, if you have any love for the game, you would recognize the greatness of Russell and might even know how many rings he has *cough*.

    I’m also fairly certain he has one of the highest basketball IQ’s of the NBA’s all-time “Top 50” players. I for one would love to listen to what gem’s the man has to give us; pre-game, half-time or post-game of any game, even the Finals.

    Before jumping to the sarcasm and rhetoric, you may want to pay the man some respect. It’s not just what the man did for the game, but also his race that I think deserves a bit of restraint.


  2. I completely understand the greatness of Bill Russell but I can also recognize when a guy has no place on TV.

    He may be a really interesting guy to listen to in person off the air, but on the air it’s just not so good.

  3. I’d be cackling too if I just bitch slapped someone with each hand and the person’s face was marked with the imprints of 10 different NBA championship rings

  4. dude, get over it. he’s one of if not the greatest basketball player of all time. he has too many rings for his fingers. GET OVER IT!

  5. ARE YOU KIDDING? 9 or 11?!?!
    if you attempted to understand HALF of what Bill Russell understands, your tiny head would implode!
    Maybe he saw something funny.
    Get over it.


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