Where Is New York Vinnie?

Our friend New York Vinnie is currently in the hospital! He was rushed there Monday morning.. I spoke to him yesterday, and things are looking up. He hopes to be discharged this weekend.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Vinnie in his time of need.

UPDATE: Vinnie was initially discharged on Friday, but ended up back in the ER Saturday morning. 🙁


  1. Hey what’s wrong with my man Vinnie? ER? What’s going on here Vinnie is down. I know Vinnie is a pretty tough guy. I expect him to recover fast enough. Still sending out prayers and well wishes.

    • Robbo My Main Man;
      Much Ado About Nothing! Now that Your Old Pal New York Vinnie is a “Celebrity” (Hoo-Haa) no more privacy! All Is Well My Man! And With New York Vinnie’s Cousin Paulie on board all was well! HOO-HAA!


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