What’s the deal with the Wizards?



Someone explain to me why the Washington Wizards decided it was OK to talk trash and bully up LeBron? And when are they going to quit this nonsense?

First of all, as a #5 seed, you have no right to talk trash on anyone. Wait, wait…as a #5 seed in the EAST, you have even less credibility and should never be allowed to open your mouth on ANYTHING. “ToolBox” Stevenson (Yes I coined that.) and Haywood seem to feel the need to open their mouth after every single game or every single lone bucket made during game. We get hand waves and shimmies from “ToolBox” and “Stop Whining!” comments from that big sloppy Haywood character.

Haywood insists that LeBron just “shut up and play” but yet he keeps opening his mouth about LeBron every chance he gets. Is this some secret man-crush or love affair? A little jealousy? When are you going to figure out that talking trash to one of the top players in the entire world is not a good thing? Especially when you are a NOBODY.

And enough with this hacking, pushing, thugging bullsh!t that you tools keep forcing in each of these games. This is basketball not f-ing football. That old excuse of “We are just playing tough ball because it’s the Playoffs” is the most absurd BS I think I’ve ever heard. When the game turns into an almost brawl at every foul, it is no longer considered basketball.

At least Caron Butler finally shut these two morons up and is trying to focus them on actually playing ball the rest of the series. And finally the NBA realized the Wizards pathetic tactic against LeBron and suspended Songalia for his cheap shot. Haywood should have been suspended games ago after the countless shots he took at LeBron and “ToolBox” should have been kicked just for inviting Soulja Boy and giving him 5 more minutes in the spotlight. That tells you all you need to know about “ToolBox” Stevenson; anyone that is actually a fan of a YouTube star and invites him to sit courtside is a complete waste of breath.

GG Jay-Z.


  1. So it’s only been the Wizards committing hard fouls? Now admittedly, they have been running their mouths more but hey, showmanship isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    As for that Jay-Z pic, how about he concentrates on improving the team he has an ownership stake in instead of carrying around LeBron’s jock for him.

    I’m really surprised no one has turned their pen of poison on him for his ridiculous meddling.

    I’m guessing his big contribution for the Nets franchise is going to be signing James in when his Cavaliers contract runs out. Until then, he could probably give a f**k less about the Nets.

  2. Yeah the Jay-z/LeBron love affair is a whole other deal, which I agree with you on.

    As for both shelling out hard fouls, it’s probably true but when most are directed at James, it gets a ton more press.

    And hey, it’s been great TV hasn’t it?

  3. Absolutely great television.


  4. Don’t really agree with any of that, besides Darius being suspended was legit.

    As a basketball player I know how physical the game is and can escalate to. In the NBA playoffs whether you want to agree or not the game is significantly more rough and the officials let more fouls go as a result. Otherwise people would be complaining about how the refs aren’t “letting them play.”

    The Wizards are doing exactly what they are suppose to do. Rough LeBron up. It happens to all great penetrating players. You test the resolve of that player. Is he going to back down or continue taking the ball to the cup knowing he is going to get hit. Has nothing to do with being a “thug” even a little bit. I hate when people use that term when guys play foul hard and play physical. A thug is someone out in the street selling drugs, carrying a gun threatening ppl. Let’s keep the term away from the basketball court please.

    As for Stevenson, if you followed basketball when MJ was playing ever playoff team had a “toolbox” whose job was to instigate scuffles and altercations with MJ because getting him kicked out or suspended was pretty much the only way to beat him. So what Stevenson is doing is really no different.

    By the way ukchris – last I remember Jay Z wasn’t the GM or President of the team right? So he really has nothing to do with basketball operations or player decisions. He is trying to move the team back to Brooklyn that has been his mission from the start. And if his developing relationship with LeBron is some sort of business ploy, well he is doing a fantastic job.

  5. I would call it “thug” because it basically is some idiot with a gun on a court not playing the way the game is supposed to be played but playing a BS way to gain some cheap advantage in attempt to REALLY take out the best player on the floor.

    I understand playing “more physical” through my years of playing as well but there is a certain level where a line needs to be drawn and the Wizards have stepped over that line.

    Plus when they throw out 10 cheap shots a game and then call LeBron the “whiner” I have an issue with that.

    And truthfully, I don’t remember anyone abusing the hell out of Jordan like the Wizards have attempted to do to LeBron. (Well aside from the Pistons and maybe Gerald “Jordan Stopper” Wilkins) That could also be the youth of LeBron and a lack of respect since he hasn’t proven much yet.

    Stevenson is just an absolute clown that will always be a third rate NBA player that will be more about his beard growing contests or infatuations with wannabe teenage rappers than he will be about basketball.

    And who knows, maybe we should blame the media for instigating all of this?


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