What Does Danny Ainge, Charlie Sheen, and Kegstands Have in Common?

I respect what Danny Ainge accomplished. However, this newest move mystified me. In fact I think Danny was on a 36 hour bender when he pulled the trigger. He must have been impaired. To borrow a line from Charlie’s rant:  

Its a turd that opened on a tugboat

What has better odds? Shaq being able to play at a high level OR Charlie Sheen living till 50?! Mr. Ainge has pinned his hopes on a NBA championship on a failing Shaq and/or “Big Baby” Davis. WOW. I would rather listen to this 16 minute radio rant from Charlie. I got a better chance at hitting the big one in Vegas.

Doc Rivers on multiple occasions said how important Kendrick Perkins was to the Boston Celtics. Look at his 09 contribution:  10 points, 8 boards, 78 games, in 28 MPG. Shaq last year did give 12 points and 6 boards per game. However his sidekick was Lebron. With his achilles in question and the miles on those 325 lb legs I would be leary of leaning on him. Big Baby has played above expectations this year logging 12 PPG and 5 RPG. However, do you really feel confident that you can trust a man with a nickname “Big Baby” in the playoffs?

In essence your entire season comes down to Davis and Shaq. For Ainge this is a balls out move. Charlie Sheen has been successful despite his drug filled career. Lets hope that Ainge functions just as well high. I don’t believe in the playing for the future philosophy. Nabbing Jeff Green is like trying to save that keg after a party by pumping it up in a desperate attempt to save it…  Screw tomorrow just do keg stands today!

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