What Do T.O. And RONRON Have In Common?

RONRON and TO like pretty girls. The big question is would they rather look at some titties or their own sculpted physique?? Its odd how both try to look subservient in these pics….mommy issues?

Its amazing how Ron Artest finds ways to get himself in the news. In case anyone was wondering Ron Artest thinks he can be a Safety or a TE in the NFL. Yes, you read that correct. Not to mention he thinks he can be a professional boxer. The Lakers are my boys but c’mon RONRON…. I got to admit you bout as silly as TO. You ain’t know Deion.

TO is another narcissistic athlete who we love to hate. Between his own reality TV show and his “overdose” escapade we can never forget.  Now, we have Artest deferring to Owen’s greatness to determine what position he will play in the NFL? I’m crying in laughter at the moment. These two are born for one another (Sorry Ocho, RONRON got ya beat).

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