What Do Kobe and Jack Have in Common?

Jack and Kobe HATE to Lose! My boys are on a streak of sorts. 3 Losses. I’m not alarmed just a bit surprised. At 13-5 the wheels are far from falling off. Kobe has held up his end of the bargain scoring 41 against the Pacers and 29 against the Griz. The problem here is simple….NO BENCH. The bench scored a measly 24 points against the Griz and Pacers. King Zen has been through this before. Give him some time and he will let his bench play through this. Every year the Lakers find that bench player who steps up ala Shannon Brown. The Lakers are playing a man down without Bynum. So in reality Odom should be that spark off the bench. With Odom in the starting lineup the Lakers have less to turn to. World Champions are World Champions for as reason. I know my boys will look back at this as a lil bump in the road….more then we can say for the pathetic Miami CoLd….

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