WeLCoMe to the JuNgLe – KoBeOfThEnBA is here!

I know you are expecting NY Vinnie. Well, NY Vinnie is out of the country so the torch has been passed to me- KoBeOfThEnBa! I’m sure you remember me as the infamous Kobe supporter and Knicks hater. Since I am Vinnie’s most hated reader he figured I would keep his site kickin’ till he is done getting Skunk Piss squirted up his ying-yang  in Zimbabwe!

Welp, both of those points have not changed. Yes, I HATE the Knicks and Yes I am in love with the Lakers. Even though that is the case I will attempt to still support you ever pathetic Knicks Fans. Lets be clear here…I will not suck the Knicks left nut like your boy over at Knicks gab…..But I will give a biased and not fair opinion. Is it better to stare at the Turkish Delight Allen Iverson for the next 3 months or get a happy ending from yours truly? Lets hope for all your sakes that NY Vinnie’s overseas trip doesn’t last all year! It it does we will be renaming this site “Le Lakers.” Gotta admit our fans are hotter:

So first order of business. The Knicks game was cancelled because of some ri-don-cu-lous talk of asbestos in the Garden. The talk was so serious that New Yorkers were about to get relocated to the “has been” IZOD center in JERSEY! Granted I’m hearing all this second hand from the ball sucking Knicks Gab. ESPN is reporting that the Knicks might get a step up and play in the Prudential Center (temporary home of the other PATHETIC team the Nets) on Friday night. Either way it is hysterical. This would never happen to my famed Lakers (sidebar: the Lakers are playing on ESPN tonight if you are looking for REAL basketball).

So I’ll be back later today to give my opinion of the 1-2 Knicks. Short and Sweet? If the Knicks don’t beat the “John Wall” Wizards then the city of NY needs to vomit on D’Antoni’s feet.

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