Watcha Talking Bout Willis? Lakers Looking Legit!

My boys are a-ok! Nothing better to get those competitive juices flowing then a 25 point butt whipping of the Detroit Pistons. I know the Pistons ain’t wife beaters but it was a nice victory nonetheless! At least this will silence those moronic pundits who are running around Laker Land saying its doomsday!

Artest is a powdercake. Kobe is Kobe. At times Coach Zen will lose his cool. He already backtracked “on the screwed up comment” and its gonna be just fine! My Lakers will face off against the ageless 70 win Spurs in the conference finals. We will win. Kobeofthenba can see the future. 

Kobe only needed to put up 17 points in this boot kickin as Gasol took the lead with 21. I am amazed by the amount of blog space that has been wasted with the prediction of a Lakers collapse. I guess I should expect nothing less from  the haters out there. It’s all good in the Land of the Lakers. Bynum has returned. At this point last year the Lakers were 27-7. Today we are 23-11. Seriously? All this hoopla over a difference of 4 losses? I guess Lebron’s Beatle comparisons aren’t enough to keep the NBA writers busy. Besides, Kobe has always been more news worthy then Lebron! Champions typically are.

Lets just sit back and enjoy the ride. Everyone has taken a Xanax and the “triangle” offense is back in full effect. We got Phoenix tomorrow night and I am 100% confident Kobe will go off for 30 in route to a Phoenix annihilation!

—On a side note welcome to the new look of lebasketbawl. Don’t worry this is still NY Vinnie’s lair. We just took his extended vacation as an opportunity to revamp his site. Cousin Paulie and I want Vinnie to be pleasantly surprised when he finally gets home. We are still working out some the kinks so bare with us!

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