Wade starts working that damn knee!

According to the Miami Herald, Dwyane Wade will start his off season rehab program in Chicago with Michael Jordan’s former trainer, Tim Grover. It sounds like the goal is for Wade to be ready enough to convince Team USA to allow him to play in this summer’s Olympic Games. Wait…what?

The guy has missed almost 2 seasons with an ailing knee and shoulder and just checked out the final 15 or so games of the regular season to prepare for the next. So how does taking time off for a few months and then crash coursing it during the summer for the Olympics make any sense to the Heat? The guy hasn’t finished a season for 2 straight years and you are going to let him tear his body up right before the NBA season starts? Oh, and new coach Erik Spoelstra wants to play an uptempo, slashing, dunking offense? How on Earth does this make sense to anyone?

I’m afraid we’ve seen the best D-Wade will ever be unless Grover works some miracle or unless Wade really does adapt his game like MJ did to prolong his career.

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