Wade drops 20 in the 3rd; Blazers still romp!

The Portland Trail Blazers came into Miami half way through a 7 game east coast road swing and after dropping a tight one to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. Critics keep saying this Blazer hot streak will come to an end during this road trip but those youngsters just keep surprising all of them.

Tonight’s game was a back and forth affair with Portland leading most of the way; they headed into half-time with a 9 point edge. The 3rd quarter however, belonged to Mr. Dwyane Wade. The guy went off and showed signs of the Wade of old. He put up an impressive 20 points in the quarter and rallied the Heat to a solid lead going into the 4th.

The final period came and once again Brandon “R.O.Y.” Roy arrived. How clutch has this sophomore been? Well, he’s turned himself into one of the elite clutch players in the league in only his second professional season. Roy scored 16 in the quarter and even demanded to Blazer coach Nate McMillan that he wanted a piece of Wade defensively. So not only did Roy take over the game offensively, he also held Wade to just 2 points in the 4th and forced him into some very ugly shots down the stretch.

The game got close in the final 2 minutes with the Heat hitting a couple of quick threes but James Jones sealed the deal with a late three of his own and your Portland Trail Blazers tacked on another road win. Are you all still surprised?


  1. Not Surprised at all… But then again I am a die hard Blazer fan living in the heart of Rip City.

  2. The record so far on this trip shows 2-2. The first one however as a double overtime lose up in Canada that could have gone either way. The young team responded by making quick work of New Jersey. This young team was given a BIG lesson by Kevin Garnett in Boston on how mentally tough you need to be in this leaque. This will serve them well for the remaining games on this trip AND guarantee a Boston loss when they come to Portland. The reamaining three games on this trip will tell the rest of the story. Don’t be surprised to see at least two of them end up as Blazers wins. 4-3 or 5-2 on this trip is very good.


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