Waaaaa My Boys Lost

My BoYs the true “Kings” of the NBA fInAlLy lost a game…..to the Nuggets! It happens…You can’t go 82-0 though MJ almost did it going 72-10. I’d still lick KoBe’s ass if I saw him….lmao….

Every cloud has a silver lining…Or as my Keystone light can says “smooth: a hot tub…smoother: a hot tub in your limo” Well KoBe my man your still smooth cause your newest “wanna be” rivals lost to ya tRuE rivals the “Boston Celtics” tonight for the SECOND TIME!!!! word….. The Celts got the “wanna be” Heats number 112 to 107! My BoYs may have lost but “the hated one” lost AS WELL. The “free agent” big three is now 5-4….will the “studs and scrubs” get it together? hahaha I don’t think ya can buy chemistry boys just ask Lebron’s favorite team the Dallas “COWgirls”. Ray Allen showed up DWADE…..wow DWADE you got schooled by a man whose ankles creak when he walks!

I’ll be back with some more insightful analysis once my 30 pack of Keystone Light is aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllll Empty. For the record I’m not endorsed by Keystone….they just cheaper then Busch Lite!

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