Upset day in college basketball!

Such a wild day today in the land of college basketball! In what turned out to be a rather boring day in the NBA was made up for with 7 nasty NCAA hoops upsets. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • #1 North Carolina takes one on the home chin; go Terps! 82-80 Maryland.
  • The battle for L.A. goes to those Trojans! #4 UCLA is still #2 in Hollywood. 72-63 USC.
  • Auburn beats a top 20 team in basketball? Sorry #15 Mississippi but you are overrated. 80-77 Auburn.
  • #16 Pittsburgh’s bundle of injuries finally caught up to them. Cincinnati needed this. 62-59 Cincinnati.
  • NC State takes out #24 Miami (FL); why are we surprised at this? 79-77 NC State.
  • Stanford drops #25Arizona State; Sun Devils…stick to football. 67-52 Stanford.

And as I posted HERE, Memphis will now be #1 and stay there for the rest of the season. Thanks North Carolina.

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