Tracy Morgan And Barkley On TNT: Sarah Palin Good Masturbation Material!

I told my boy Cousin Paulie that I was going to write a quality piece today. Instead, I just can’t help myself. NY Vinnie would have a STROKE if he were in the States and read this. I totally missed this event and I thank blacksportsonline for enlightening me! They have the actual video on their site so feel free to gander over.

Kenny and Chuck are having this debate as to who is better-  Tina Fey or Sarah Palin? Then Kenny asks Tracy Morgan his thoughts. Chuck chimes in and says:

Sarah Palin is good looking ain’t she?

Chuck opened the door and Tracy Morgan slammed it closed. A split second later Tracy Morgan says:

Let me tell you something, Sarah Palin is good masturbation material

Ernie quickly ends the segment as Charles is in hysterics and Kenny calmly chuckles.

I have one word for this entire sequence – hilarious! This is why I love TNT and Chuck Barkley. Keep this group together because they find a way to give us laughs. Not only about the NBA but current events as well!

—-as a complete side note Gilbert Arenas is spending 5k a month feeding his sharks. This just confirms my undying belief that he is mentally insane.


  1. yo man CB keeps it real. Truth be told Palin is one nice piece of *** (fill in the blanks).

    • YO Authenticbro;

      Barkley acts the fool with Ernie and Kenny but BOTTOM LINE is that the DUDE is pretty much spot on with a lot of his comments. When the rest of the Planet was buying into LeBron James’s act Barkley kept calling him out. Turns out He was the one who was right. As far as Palin yeah she is fine, but she also is one NASTY BROAD. That might be part of the appeal if you catch Cousin Paulie’s drift

  2. YO KOBE,

    When New York Vinnie gets REALLY MAD there is a vein next to his left eye that starts to twitch. Then 30 seconds later you would have heard the screaming over there in East L.A. without the benefit of a telephone. OOOOH BOY!!!

  3. CP – hahah yea I know NY Vinnie’s not a fan of this piece. That is the beauty of him being out of the country. Why he would leave me free reign on his site is beyond me! lmao

    authenticbro- I agree w. CP – she is one nasty broad…..but that doesn’t mean I would mind a threesome with her and this porn chick that is on the front age of the Post- she had a 36 hour jaunt with Charlie Sheen….imagine Palin, Kacey Jordan, and me….whoa I wouldn’t know what to do w. myself!

  4. I don’t get why TNT issued an apology, Morgan is a comedian his job is to make us laugh. We laughed. end of story

  5. @linda – i feel ya. I love the TNT group because they are hilarious…its like being at a pickup game. humor is btr then the ball!



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