Top 7: NBA Pretty Boys! Whew!

Don’t we all have to show some love for the pretty boys? I gave you our ‘Top 6 Worst Hairstyles in the NBA’ last week and was satisfied with leaving it at that until our boy, SML ( dropped by to pose a little challenge. He said that anyone can do the worst hair post, but only a real man can bring you the pretty

boys. Never one to back down from a blogger challenge, I’ve created our list and oh is it ‘pretty’! Please enjoy!

1. Damon Jones, Cleveland Cavaliers

Damon has blessed so many NBA teams with his smiling face and flashy wardrobe that he was an easy choice for the NBA’s top pretty boy. The self proclaimed “best shooter in the NBA” could never quite live up to that tag and instead focused his time on a snazzy red blazer and a nifty little faux-hawk. Maybe if Damon worked a little harder on his game he could have made some noise with things other than his polished, matching outfits. At least we get to see the newest Euro look at every All-Star game for years to come, since we know Damon will not likely be wearing a red, blue, and gold jersey anytime soon.

2. Dwyane Wade

, Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade is so pretty, that Sean “Diddy” Combs decided to make him the first NBA supermodel! Back in 2005, Wade was picked as the ambassador for the Sean John clothing line and was featured on billboards across America. Today, D-Wade graces our television sets hourly showing off that perfectly cut hair, GQ style and Oh I cant get enough! personality. Wade lives in the perfect pretty boy city in Miami, and with all that he has accomplished at such a young age, expect to see plenty more in the future.



Kyle Korver, Utah Jazz

Anyone known as the “Ashton Kucher of the NBA” deserves to be on every single pretty boy list ever created. The Korver pretty boy era began back in his Creighton days when he flew the Bluejays straight into the NCAA tournament by draining mounds of 3’s. Today he is still known as a great 3-point shooter but the rest of the world knows him as the guy who looks like the guy that starred in that really bad butterfly movie and the one who looks just like Demi Moore’s husband (That gave me the shutters just typing it). He does have a slightly snarled lip and the hair can become a little greasy at times, but who cares, he still makes this list! Ashton!

4. Ray Allen

, Boston Celtics

In order to be a part of Team Jordan, you better be pretty! To me, Ray Allen has the essence of a pretty boy and pretty boy style. Also known in Spike Lee circles as Jesus, this guy exudes

the prettiness! pan> The way the uniform hangs, the way he chews his gum, and the way that hair never looks out of whack makes Ray #4 on our list (That sounded reallyumm, nevermind). Allen is a veteran to this list and probably could have topped the list in his earlier days, but there is just too much young attractiveness around the league.

5. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

If you live in L.A., speak 3 or 4 sexy foreign languages, and continue to wear all that Versace, what else could you be other than pretty? Even with the addition of a few random, sloppy tattoos, the NBAs best player is definitely a pretty boy. He may carry a little bad boy baggage, but his cutesy little wife Vanessa makes sure he keeps his pretty on. You definitely cant attend a red carpet in L.A. unless you are damn pretty!

6. Marko Jaric, Minnesota Timberwolves

He’s dating Adriana Lima, enough said?



7. Wally Szczerbiak, Cleveland Cavaliers


All that gel and all those moles are just enough to get Wally Sczerbiak on the list of top pretty boys! Hes been pretty since his original Ohio days. Im guessing those past few dreary months up in Seattle may have lowered him on this list but he should be back up there in no time with his return home. Did anyone else know that Wally is some sort of a cult figure in Ohio? News to me!



Here is a spoof list made a while back of not-so-pretty boys.



  1. Ha. Well played, sir. I never noticed how much Damon Jones with the fro-hawk and suit resembles P. Diddy. Maybe that’s because Damon Jones hasn’t been relevent in the NBA since Biggie was living…

  2. What about Chris Paul? Have you looked into his eyes? So soulful…

  3. Paul was on the original list…but that whole bowling thing he is into, ruined it!

  4. Pau Gasol is borderline gay…now thats with LA…everyone will see what we have been seeing in memphis for 7 years.

  5. You left out Mike Miller. tsk tsk.

  6. Shame on you – Tony Parker is a hotty 🙂

  7. OMG! Wally is the most beautiful man in the NBA. I want to dribble his balls.

  8. Jaric’s girlfriend is hot, it doesn’t mean he’s good looking! have you ever seen his mug? he’s not the prettiest dude.


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