The List: 10 NBA Videos of the Week

How about a list of the top 10 videos for this week of the playoffs? There are so many videos out there that a compilation just sounds like a great idea.

10. Kenny Smith jumps an Aston Martin.

9. Bob Delaney just ejected a fan?

8. Haywood drops LeBron.

7. Ernie Johnson doing his own toolbox Stevenson.

6. Kobe Bryant with a Jordan-esque moment.

5. People are loving this Steve Nash “60 Million Dollar Man” video.

4. LeBron shuts up toolbox Stevenson.

3. Kirilenko and the flop of the century.

2. Shaq hit in the “scrotum.”

1. Michael Jordan – Maybe Commercial.


  1. Nice post, great videos so far. Though that Kirilenko-Barnes one is last year’s playoffs!

  2. There is a Kirilenko-Barnes video? haha…whoops.


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