Too Much Snow – Too Much Passing?

Too Much Snow – Too Much Passing?

The NBA postponed two games (kings /knicks and blazers / nets) tonight due to a crippling and potentially historic blizzard that should go continue into Tuesday. A blizzard warning remains in effect until midnight EST Tuesday night, and there are expectations of up to three (3) feet of snow. I live in the south and the concept of that much snow is simply mind blowing. About the only snow we’ve seen around here is this guy – and we haven’t seen him in quite a while.

Kobe Bryant is out for what will probably be the remainder of the season due to surgery for a torn rotator cuff. All the Laker fans and especially Kobe’s fans are feeling a little down in the dumps, consider Kobe was really starting to come on playing fewer minutes, but putting up better numbers – especially assist totals. Check out Kobe’s line from the game before he got hurt. That’s 17 assists! That’s a monster number of dimes and he even had a little fun with it after the seriousness of his injury was reported.


At least he’s in decent spirits about the whole situation. I picked up Ellington and Young in my fantasy league when Bryant went down, but I’d rather watch a great player finish out his career at a high level than win my fantasy league because he got hurt.

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