Tony Parker out, now what for the Spurs?

Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs has found himself some bone spurs! He’s a Spur with spurs…OK bad joke. His left heal seems to be the issue and was initially not a major worry for Parker and his team, but things have changed.

Does this mean the Spurs are in on the Damon Stoudamire sweepstakes now? My guess is going to be “YES!” Stoudamire has gone through a contractual buyout with the Memphis Grizzlies and is expected to be courted by several teams, now including the Spurs. Boston showed as an early front runner but have slipped down the pole with the Suns, Raptors and now Spurs joining the race.

Stoudamire is supposed to contact Greg Popovich on Tuesday and we’ll should help to determine which way this thing swings. The Spurs could easily use Stoudamire skills although I’m not sure he is quite the fit they may be looking for. Jacque Vaughn will step in as starting point guard for the time being but is obviously not the presence on the court each night that Parker is.

Stoudamire would provide some scoring and a veteran poise, but do the reigning NBA Champions really need a player with the selfishness and past of a Mighty Mouse? Should make for an interesting week or so in the NBA; we’ll see which team is really THAT desperate.

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