Tony Parker Getting Some Nice Ass

We all know Tony Parker is married to the sex kitten Eva Longoria…But until yesterday I bet ya didn’t know he was banging Brent Barry’s wife?A sexy thang as well I might add. Blacksportsonline is reporting that Parker is accused of having an affair with Erin Berry. He also is accused of “sexting” her.

This story is ever evolving but one thang is clear….Mr Parker broke the same age old tradition that Delonte West broke last year. The only difference is that Mr West banged Lebron’s mom and not his wife…. I’m not sure what is worse. Why can’t pro athletes be more like Fergie’s husband,  Josh Duhamel? Banging a stripper is more forgivable then a women who ya’all hung out with? Ya know what I mean? Why is it professional athletes can’t keep their thang in their pants for a lady that hangs round the hardwood? Why does the wood make them hard? We all heard the Karl Malone trying to pick up Kobe’s wife… NBA players will do anything.

Tough call as to who has the hottest ass in the Parker Sexcapade…. pic 1 Erin Barry (we always lists the mistress/paramour first):

Or the incumbent Eva Longoria (no longer Parker). Yes, it is true Eva Longoria has filed for divorce. Sorry, Knicks fans bringing Tony Parker won’t bring as much hot ass:

I can’t wait for tomorrows fix of this torrid love affair. The more gossip the better….and thank you blacksportsonline for keeping this current….


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