Tonights Gonna Be Dirk Diggler’s Giddie Up – Live Tweeting!


Looking forward to tonight. I can’t wait to see how Dirk Nowitzski aka Diggler follows up his 48 point performance. After watching Dirk all these years I bet its gonna be killer. He won’t wither away under the pressure of the big lights  (cough, cough, Bron-Bron game 1). He will come to play. As long as Dirk, Terry, and Marion play consistent and confident they will take a 2-0 league in this Western Conference Finals. I’m not even expecting the midget JJ to be a factor. Scottie Brooks being a fellow little person should be successful in crafting a game plan to stop the Puerto Rican Stallion.

I’ll be live tweeting tonight during the game. I’ll be in my hole in the wall. I hope ya’all join me on twitter— @lebasketbawl. 

My favorite quote of the day comes out of hoopshype:

Dirk Nowitzki is not a cocky dude. He’s a humble superstar, but there’s no doubt that he possesses a superstar’s swagger.

No doubt my friends. He is a superstar. The first white superstar since Larry Bird. Even the ESPN announcers picked up on that in game 1. The key to this game will be defense. Typically most game 2’s are low scoring affairs. The Bulls-Heat game echoed that. This game will be played closer to the vest. I have said it since the Lakers got booted. The team that beat the previous world champions has the edge. The Mavs are gonna take a 2-0 lead. I believe it in the center of my basketbawl soul.

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