Tim Donaghy just Ruined it all

Sure, Tim Donaghy (Don-ah-gee?) (Don-ah-hee?) may be a gambling baboon and he may also be heading to jail, but did he really have to spout off about the rest of the NBA being rigged? And did he really have to bring up the Kings vs. Lakers series? Why Donaghy? Why!

You know what my life is going to be like for the next, oh, 6 months? It will be filled with ESPN, sports talk radio, newspapers, blogs, and fans of the NHL telling me how “horrible” the NBA is and how many “thugs” there are and how “rigged” it has always been. Somebody save me! Please!

I think we all would have to be just a little naive to think that the NBA or any sports league is absolutely flawless and clean, but why does this jerk-off have to try and bring everyone else down with him? Please, just go to jail. Where’s the mafia hit when you need one Tony Soprano?

If I have to hear another baseball purist or football jockey tell me how great their sport is compared to the NBA, I think I’m going to jab this mouse in my eye. If I can anyway. We don’t really need to bring up the steroids do we? (And I’m not just talking baseball here, Shawne Merriman/Carolina Panthers fan!)

And I really didn’t need the conspiracy theorist guy to come out of his basement either, but sure enough, he was wide awake this morning! “I knew it,” says Scott Pollard. Dude, when was the last time you racked up more than 5 minutes in a game? Does your opinion matter? No. Was it obvious that you would say you “knew it”? Yes. Is every questionable call from the last 5 years going to be brought up by every single honk of a fan out there? Yes.

And David Stern, just shut up man. You are not helping this situation by personally attacking radio hosts. You are supposed to be speaking on change and providing information as to why this wouldn’t be possible; not berating people with that pompous-ness that’s made you so unlikeable.

I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over it already. The sun is supposed to shine today, so maybe it’s time to finally jump all over my new in-ground adjustable basketball goal. Peace…for a while NBA.


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