This Year’s Super Bowl XLII Drinking Games!

The time has come gents! Super Bowl XLII Sunday approaches and that means your spectacular party should be on the mind as well as those timeless drinking games. Of course this year we have the New England Patriots vs. the New York Giants which is a fantastic match-up in itself on the field, but off the field it will create some amazing Super Bowl drinking games!

Chug your beer…

1. Every time the camera finds its way onto the Manning Family. I doubt you’ll make it through the first half with this one!

2. Every time an announcer makes reference to Gisele Bundchen!

3. Every time Vince Lombardi’s name is brought up.

4. Every time Bill Parcells is brought up.

5. Every time you hear a player is giving it “110%“!

6. Every time Tom Brady is referenced as the “MVP.”

7. Every time your buddy says “that commercial sucked.”

8. Every time you see Peyton Manning in a commercial. Good Luck!

9. Every time you wish Bob Costas was announcing the game.

10. Every time you are happy that Bryant Gumbel is NOT announcing the game.

11. Every time Eli throws an interception.

12. Every time you hear the word “Dynasty.”

13. Every time “Spygate” is mentioned.

14. Every time a new dot com company is unveiled in a commercial.

15. Every time Eli frowns and mopes by looking at the ground.

16. Every time Brett Favre is mentioned, and this possibly being his last season.

17. Every time you see a commercial for another worthless sitcom.

18. Every time a team goes 3 and out or fails to get a first down.

19. Every time Randy Moss is noted as now being a hard worker or mature.

20. Every time “American Idol” is mentioned.

21. Every time the Daytona 500 gets a plug.

22. Every time you pee after “breaking the seal.”

23. Every time a friend yells out “that was a horrible call!

24. Every time the Miami Dolphins or Don Shula or champagne are mentioned.

25. Every time a player says “I’m going to DisneyLand!

26. Every time anyone mentions the new “Spygate” featuring the Rams.
That should be enough to get you through the game or at least through the first quarter! And of course, depending on the level of alcoholic you are, you may need to adjust the amounts of each rule.

And I apologize for the football blog on a basketball blog, but the Super Bowl tends to effect everyone! Enjoy…

Hi Eli!

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