The Whiny Bitch is Playing

The King of whinyness aka Mr Douche ala “Lebron James” is going to start tonight against the undefeated Hornets. Only in todays day in age of media is this even a story. Who cares about Lebron James and whether he starts a game this early in the year. You are telling me that the “rest” of the big 3 can’t handle 1 game without the saviour? Just because the Hornets are  undefeated doesn’t mean they are good. They have beaten The Bucks (vomit), Nuggets (Carmeeellllooo drama), Spurs (veterans never play well early), and the Rockets (winless). Do I need to say more?

Thank you Lebron “the bitch” James for blessing us with your presence this evening. I’m sure the masseuse will rub your thigh real good to loosen it up…..if your real good you might get a happy ending while listening to ur ipod pre-game….I’m sure you will put up your season average of 20 points, 5 boards, and 7 assists….WhO CaReS!

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