The Trainwrecks: Stephen A Smith And The Detroit Pistons

I was going to let this topic die but this jackass Stephen A Smith decided to pontificate in the most arrogant way. He wrote a book turning “this event” into a race card. Just because black players laughed at a white coach doesn’t mean that it is a racial issue. Stephen A Smith plays the race card waaaaaaaayyyyyy to often. There is a reason he was fired from ESPN as a host. His blowhard act dies quickly and is very grating. He then rambles on and on as to why this is going to effect the negotiations on the CBA. Again, he likes to hear himself speak.

Truth be told what the players did was disgraceful. In fact it was straight up embarrassing for the NBA. In fact, I would say it is most embarrassing for the “face” of the franchise the graceful Joe Dumars. The only thing Mr Smith got right was that this event does place Dumars in a perilous position. The new ownership may not take too kindly to the spoiled brats Dumars has put on this roster. McGrady and Rip are no longer superstars and should stop acting as such. Their behavior is very “Allen Iversonish.” In fact skipping practice is a page out of the AI textbook. The Pistons are on a roll. First multiple players skip “practice man, practice, we talking bout practice?!?!” and then they blatantly laugh at their coach while he gets a Technical?

Now I’m not saying John Kuester didn’t deserve some of what happened. He does bear some moral culpability. You do need to speak to your team. However, I do see a trend developing. There is a reason Larry Brown and Jerry Sloan are no longer coaching. The “Players” have lost this thing called R-E-S-P-E-C-T! And Stephen A this has nothing to do with race!

Many analysts will tell you that a coach has to relate to players. That is a crock of succotash. I don’t like my boss but I have to respect him. The same goes for NBA players. Stop being spoiled lil’ bitches and do your damn job!


  1. Stephen A Smith is a moron. As you said, if someone laughs at a white guy it doesn’t mean that is a racial thing. Idiot.

  2. this is what kills me….Stephen A Smith gets paid to spew out this garbage, why?!?!?



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