The Return of the NBA and the Death of Hip-Hop

Though I’m annoyed and still unsure as to whether I will purchase NBA League Pass; I am happy the NBA is back. The stalemate has ended and indeed we will see a 66 game season. The playoffs are going to be a wild ride with back to back games. I look forward to watching the drama unfold. However, will the rest of America return to watch?

They were able to salvage the Christmas games. This is HUGE. Many families are accustomed to having the NBA on the tube while opening presents (mine included). The shortened season bodes well for the veteran teams like Boston and LA Lakers. Lebron should still be in shape since he marched around the country playing pickup ball. Miami will be an early favorite as ALWAYS.

Bottom line is we have ball. This is big for a blogger like myself that needs the Association for headlines. Otherwise, the best I can write about is the death of Hip-Hop. That is all the new Sixers ownership could do during the lockout— fire their mascot! Maybe, now they can finally get around to trading the “other AI” Andre Iguodala!


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  1. The NBA is back!Now i feel complete,that’s why the pork chops i cooked on tuesday didn’t taste that good,that’s why that chic i was hitting on at this bullshit bar said:”well i quess i’ll see you around”,that’s why my crap overflowed both of the toilets at my house. Something was severely missing damn it. One or two quick questions. Are we really that bored,are we really that unhappy?Are we depending on some egomaniac millioners to entertain us when their entertainment isn’t really worth it? Oh man,i guess that the phrase “pick up a book” still sounds boring but,shit,we have reached that point.Nothing personal to you my man Greg.


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