The Players Greed Has Allowed A Nuclear Holocaust

Never did I think the Players of the NBA would allow it to go this far. This email from a 74 year old grandmother says it best:

I am a 74 year old mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who, until now, would never want to miss any NBA game.  We had NBA League Pass until this season when we didn’t rejoin because of the lockout.   I am ashamed of the NBA players who think a 50/50 split is not fair.   Is it that they don’t think they make enough money?   What amazes me is that with all the charity work they do that they do not realize what this lockout has done to our economy.   Just think of all the people who are out of work because of this and all the cities who have lost business, restaurants, hotels/motels/–just everything.    I have been a Steve Nash fan and didn’t miss a game when he was in Dallas.    I just loved to watch him play.  I became a Phoenix Suns fan when he went to Phoenix even though I live in Texas.    As much as I have enjoyed watching professional basketball, the way I feel right now is that I really don’t care if I ever watch another game again.    I hope they all end up having to beg for a job from someone who feels as I do.  Thank you for letting me vent.   I know no one will ever read this or take it seriously, but I can tell you, for what it’s worth, that the professional basketball has lost a lot of watchers that I doubt will ever return —- from Victoria, TX 

I couldn’t have said it any better. Her frustration matches my anger. How can the player’s think 50/50 isn’t fair? The NBA has opened their books. They have shown the world that they are not profitable. These players obviously don’t realize the hell they are creating for themselves. This economy STINKS. They are so detached they don’t even realize it. They don’t notice that their fans are suffering. Basketball is a sport. It is supposed to take our minds off the the hum-drum of life. However, this lockout just amplifies our frustrations. Not only are we hurting financially with our home prices and unemployment in the crapper BUT NOW we can’t even forget about it for 60 minutes and watch our favorite teams.

The players should be held accountable and Derek Fisher should look around and see the diaster he has created. We are now in the throws of a nuclear meltdown. The only people who don’t realize this is the players!


  1. This is the worse case of denial that I have ever seen. Adding to the fact that the teams have lost hundreds of millions, but we have seen the highest ownership turnover ever in sports. Since the last CBA, there have been over 10 new owners in the league (Warriors, Bobcats, Pistons, Hornets (Owned by the league), Thunder, Nets, 76ers, etc). Owners don’t bail on profitable businesses.

    Also, is there any sporting league in the U.S. or world for that matter suffering net losses as a league? Certainly not the NFL, MLB, or NHL. This group of formerly unioned players are toxic. Not just MJ, but many other former players are blasting these players. Personally, I’d like to see the owners void out the players contract without the union in place now. Then stick the 47% BRI to them. Billy Hunter, Derek Fisher and the group of lawyers screwed these players and the players to follow in the future.

  2. Why aren’t we holding the owners accountable here? Owners of sports teams lobby local governments to help them finance their arenas with public funds (taxpayer dollars) to offset costs. In return, the owners promise increased tax revenue and job creation. Throughout these negotiations, it’s been clear that the owners are perfectly fine with missing games (and possibly an entire season). As a result, the fans are the ones who suffer the most. If you live in one of the NBA cities, you paid for your NBA arena with your tax dollars. As long as the NBA Lockout continues, the tax revenues and job creation that the owners promised will continue to diminish.

    How is that fair? Why are the players being called selfish when they’ve done all of the compromising?


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