The New Black Mamba: Blake Griffin

In honor of lebasketbawler reignman I decided to delve into my observation. Kobe Bryant achieved the nickname “black mamba” for his amazing achievements on the court. No one can argue his place in history. His accomplishments are endless. He has numerous all-star appearances, championships, scoring titles, and gold medals. However, every great athlete has to recognize when his time is winding down. Kobe has already eluded to this by “not practicing” half of the season due to “lack of cartilage” in BOTH his knees. He is practicing now to try to eclipse greatness and father time. The jury is still out as to whether he can harness another championship with the Lakers aging roster.

Reignman believes in his heart that Kobe has 3-4 more years left at this level. Kobe’s current 2010-11 stats are the following: 25 PPG, 5 assists, and 24 minutes. His points have trended down the past five years from a high of 2005 when he scored 35.4 PPG. His assists have held steady at 5 APG. Kobe is great and he is one of the “elite” in the association. One can not argue that his window is closing and at best he has 2 seasons left at his current production.

Blake Griffin has came on strong this year. He is currently averaging 23 PPG, 13 boards, and 38 minutes. His dunks are reminiscent of the MJ years. He is a powerful force who has single handily refreshed the Clippers franchise. His star is rising and soon my prediction will be correct. He will be a more powerful draw then Kobe. Barkley sees it to. He has already hopped on the Vinnie Del Negro / Blake Griffin train. He recognizes he will be covering many Clippers games over the next 5 years.

Kobe didn’t break the 20 PPG barrier until his 4th year in the Association. Blake Griffin is on track to do it year 1. Kobe didn’t play every game of a season until year 7. Blake Griffin has played every game this season. Michael Jordan played every year of his rookie campaign and averaged 28 points. Dare I say that Blake Griffin may be the next MJ? No, I don’t go that far. If you take this debate at its face value it is simple. In the next 5 years Blake Griffin will become the face of LA – not Kobe Bryant. Griffin will do what Lebron did for Cleveland. Raise the franchise’s worth and create buzz around a franchise that has been hapless for that last 15 years. The Clippers may steal some A-listers from Hollywood. This would be a huge step up for this D list franchise.

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