The Most Pathetic NBA Franchise – 76ers

As a Lakers fan I love to pound teams when they are down. Call it a Laker trait. Back in the 80’s there were some fierce teams. Remember Magic, Bird, Kareem, MJ, Dr J, a young Chuck Barkley? The Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, and 76ers were top of the pack. The 76ers had a resurgence albeit it brief when AI took them to the championship in 2002 (and lost AgAiN to my Lakers). Since that brief resurgence the 76ers have fallen on some hard times. The problem is two fold – 1) Ed Snyder (comcast guy) only cares about the Flyers and knows nothing bout bball and 2) the Sixers are laden with HUGE contracts that they can’t move – Brand and Iggy.

Eddie Snyder brought in Ed Stefanski from the Nets. He believed that Stefanski would bring the winning ways of the Nets to Philly. You remember way back when the Nets had J-Kid and actually made it to the finals? Well, Stefanski brought in Eddie Jordan as the head coach a couple years back (toooo many Eddie’s to keep straight?). Eddie Jordan couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. So another year later Stefanski somehow saves his job (mainly bc Eddie Snyder is asleep at the wheel) and fires Jordan. Big time Coaches like Avery Johnson pass on the Six (and settle for the Nets, how sad is that?). The Sixers end up with MJ’s YES MAN in Doug Collins (yes, if NY Vinnie was in the country he would disagree).

Doug Collins can coach. I will accept that he is an improvement. Has anyone seen this Sixers roster? If he coaches this team into the playoffs he deserves coach of the year. It’s a hodgepodge of crap— Elton “over the hill” Brand, Andre Iguodala (the perennial #2), Spencer Hawes and Andres Nocioni (Kings rejects), Jrue Holliday (too new), Thaddeus Young (all hype no promise), Evan Turner (mr green jeans), Lou Williams (stunted by AI’s homecoming last year) and Tony Battie (he is still in the league). 

I have never seen a franchise fall from grace as hard and fast as this mess. To all of Philadelphia —be thankful the rest of your professional teams are good because the 76ers are going to wallow in their own feces for quite some time….The Best Part? I get to watch the 76ers lose to the Knicks….wow that ain’t saying much!

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