The Last 48 Hours

Sorry devote Le Basketbawl followers…. I won’t let my brain cramps continue. Tis’ the Season to lose the balance of life and the blog and chain. Add to that and the Lebron escapade made me physically sick. I just couldn’t bring myself to cover that debacle.

Who the hell is Jodie Meeks? He scored 26 points for the 76ers and lead them to victory. All I know is that Evan Turner (the #2 pick) was benched for this cat. I found pics on this guy with Milwaukee so I guess he came from there.  His stats ain’t nothing to write home about.

Either way it was nice to see the 76ers stick it to their old coach “Larry Brown.” Though to be quite frank it was probably better for the fans because I’m not sure there is a player left on the 76ers roster that Brown coached. Either way the Bobcats were made to look like a laughing stock against the lowly Sixers…

The Mavs won their 9th in a row beating the D League Sac Kings. Barea did everything he could to help the hapless Kingdom by missing 2 free throws in the final seconds of the game. This gave the Kings a chance but the bust of the draft Demarcus “can’t play” Cousins gave the game away. It’s irony this happened because the Mavs are such a good free throw shooting team. Dare I say the Mavs may do some damage this year in the playoffs? The season is early but they are looking like a fine wine….unlike the Miami Cold. However, it is my forgone conclusion the NBA West Conference finals will be my boys the Lakers vs the Spurs.

The Nuggets management has stepped up and is discussing a contract extension with George Karl. It looks like the Nuggets have been reading Le Basketbawl since I have been advocating this for a bit. The Nuggets have made the playoffs EVERY year Karl has coached them. They would be complete and utter idiots if they didn’t resign him!

Do I need to put any more visuals up? Four players on the Magic are having some issues – Jameer Nelson, JJ Redick, Dwight Howard, and Mickael Pietrus. The Magic need to get some Imodium and Clorox Wipes on that plane. Maybe some of the masks from the avian flu should be worn. At this rate they may have a tough time fielding a roster. It couldn’t happen to a nicer coach!

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