The Knickerbocker Vampires

Since Cousin Paulie felt like ripping on the greatest basketball franchise on Earth I decided to return the favor. His “vaunted” Knickerbockers are trying to suck blood out of the hapless Kings.  Donnie Walsh is a vampire- plain and simple. His Knicks somehow have found respectability with a 20-14 record. In fact they just knocked off my 70 win prediction Spurs!  Are the Knicks better? YES. Is the D’Antoni system working? YES. Is Walsh gonna get Omri Casspi? NO WAY IN HELL! Even if Walsh lives for eternity!

I realize that Walsh is older then god himself but does we really think he has the horses to get Omri Casspi? Doubtful. It is an intelligent attempt to try to grab Casspi. Yes. A SF that can shoot the ball on a dime. Casspi would fit fantastic into the Knicks genetic makeup. A player that can hang out on the wing and shoot 40% for trey land. Who wouldn’t want that on a up tempo offensive team?

I guess Walsh knows all about the circling vultures since his team has sucked donkey doo doo for the last 10 years—rim shot at Cousin Paulie. However, you would have thought that Walsh would have offered more then trailor park trash. I realize most vampires hunt in trailer parks but seriously?

The only way Casspi moves is for a legit PG. It doesn’t take a roomful of Coyotes to realize the only chip the Knicks got is Felton. So Donnie “Old Man” Walsh you want my boy Casspi? Man up and give us Felton in a trade package…..cough cough thats what I thought. There is no way you are going to mortgage your future. So why should the Kings? Go fulfill your blood sucking needs with MJ. He has plenty of talent down there. That is if you can pry off the leeches first!  There is already blood in the water with Larry Brown’s ouster.

Keep it together Donnie your boy Gallinari is only out for 3 weeks- NOT 3 MONTHS!


  1. Yo KOBE,

    DUDE You are seriously WHACKED!! HOO-HAA!! Al Lewis; Cousin Paulie almost wet myself! But My Man why are you attacking the Knicks instead of defending YOUR BOYS??? Cousin Paulie watched them play against Detroit and Bryant stayed in the triangle and they beat the spit out of Detroit. That is what they need to do, My Man you know that!

    As far as Donnie picking Petrie’s pocket My Man…ANYBODY can pick Petrie’s pocket. Look at all the Garbago trades he has made over the last few years. That club lost Artest, Salmons, Miller and K-Mart and what do they have to show for it? Goongatz that is what! Cousin Paulie would love to have Casspi with MY BOYS. You want a point guard we will give you Bill Walker!!! HOO-HAA!!

    Cousin Paulie is the first to admit that Zeke put MY BOYS in the SEWER. Donnie has them on dry ground again but Cousin Paulie is not going to compare them to the NBA Champions! That is WHACKED!!!

    As far as your “POLL” what is this Grade School and we are running for Student Council? Cousin Paulie does not play that way My Man. You DO NOT WANT to get into a WAR with Cousin Paulie!

    • Paulie Paulie Paulie…. I just don’t know where to begin.

      1) I don’t need to defend my boys cause I don’t got nothin to worry bout. Its a forgone conclusion we face off against the Spurs in the Western Conf Finals. However, you want a powder puff piece on my boys? I’ll give ya one!

      2)Petrie has learned his lesson. If not he will join the masses of gainfully unemployed.

      3)Thats right it is whacked. My boys are the World Champs. Your boys would be lucky to play first round playoff spoilers.

      4)I’m always running for student council my man…always bc I was that sad lil kid that never won! Someday you will admit West Coast ball is where it’s at!

      • Yo Kobe,

        Cousin Paulie is the former juvenile delinquent who used to BEAT UP the Student Council President….So I guess we have something else in common. You have to realize that Cousin Paulie is not ripping on YOUR BOYS. What Cousin Paulie offers is constructive criticism; look at how much better they played on Tuesday night. There is no denying YOUR BOYS and unfortunately the Celtics are probably the two best teams in the NBA when all is said and done. Cousin Paulie does not believe that the Spurs can keep this going for an entire season. Miami will not make it out of the East. So we should be seeing the rubber game in June of the Greatest Rivalry in the NBA: Los Angeles and Boston.



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