The Hollywood Heat aka King James – Shut your Trap!

Rose and Durant are the new NBA. They have replaced the likes of Kobe and the Boston trio. They may be new stars but this is not their time. Fellow lebasketbawl reader “Jim” thinks its Kyrie Irving’s time but he is lost… It is the time of the player’s NBA with the Miami Heat reaching such prominence. I’m not a true hater of the Heat but I do share the same dislike that Barkley has. I haven’t been tormented like King Charles with the “towel episode” and the “middle finger bonanza.” However, I have taken my fair share of criticism. Now it doesn’t help that King James can’t shut his f*ckin trap. He had to pontificate and tell the OKC Thunder what they were doing wrong. Last I checked he still has to beat the Chicago Bulls.  The Hollywood Heat have got to shut their mouths and just get the job done. Barkley’s right, they like to hear themselves talk and feed their monstrous egos! Go Bulls!

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  1. You might wana update or fix this article – bc Rose and Durant aint the new nba anymore! I’ve got the best NBA podcast to prove it



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