The Heat are Jonesing to Batman and Robin

This is what the Miami Heat needed– Someone off the bench to deliver. James Jones did EXACTLY that providing 25 points of offense.  Gotta give DWade cred where cred is due. He stepped up against the Boston Geezers and PRO-duced with 38 points.  Wade is a true champion and led his team to victory. Dwayne knows what has to be done. Alonzo Morning may be gone but Lebron is a suitable sidekick. Lebron knew he couldn’t handle the pressure as the man so he stepped aside and let Wade do his thang. His 22 points, 6 boards, and 5 assists ain’t bad for Robin (to Wade’s Batman).

The Celts now have got to hit the panic button and regroup. They must stop James Jones. They let him look like the second coming of  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He was left unguared and unchecked in many key situations. I realize that Shaq has only played 30 minutes this year BUT someone on that roster has got to body up. Paul Pierce did his best to rile up his teammates. However, it did not work as Pierce got thrown out in the fourth quarter. Personally, I think it is BS they threw Pierce out of the game. His second T was for profanity….honestly? refs gotta look the other way. They ain’t at church were playing intense, NBA playoff basketball dammit!

I’m torn who the NBA champion will be. I bet on the Miami Heat when I was in Vegas last July (I’ll win a measly $20). However, that was  then and this is now. DWade and Co will have to convince me that they are worthy. A gimpy Kobe is still my odds on favorite to hoist the Larry O’brien Trophy. I’ll tell ya this, the NBA is drooling for a Miami-LA Final. Don’t be surprised if the refs call it that way. The Tim Donaghy conspirators may have their day in the sun.

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