The Epic Fail Of Hurricane Irene And The Cesspool Of Nothingness

I was going to put up a piece about the NBA stadiums that were at risk for sustaining Hurricane Irene damage. However, once Irene hit the NC coast I realized this was a media made firestorm. I live outside of Philly and to be frank— I have had worse thunderstorms! I’m more annoyed that I carried in all my patio furniture. If I see one more image of Chris Christie on TV I might just vomit. Something about that jiggly neck without a tie just unnerves me. Feel pity for the great Gov…he lead by example cutting his Jersey shore vacation short!

It would have been interesting if this storm was half of what it claimed to be. Imagine if Michael Jordan’s Time Warner Cable Arena lost it’s roof? Or if the vaunted Madison Square Garden was flooded out by the Atlantic Ocean. The Wells Fargo Center (the name of the Sixers Stadium— at least for this week) sits close to the Delaware. That could have taken on fresh water as well. However, none of these events occurs as this “natural disaster” lacked any true muster.

The NBA is still sitting in that cesspool of nothingness. David Stern claims there will be progress on the lockout by Labor Day. Sure, David, if that happens I’ll swim naked across the Delaware River. The Bottom line is this. I, as an NBA blogger, have nothing to write about without the NBA. The NBA is going to lose a ton of money if there is no season. Whether David acknowledges this or not he is truly worried that this labor dispute may drag on indefinitely. The longer it drags out the longer the NBA and bloggers like myself continue to lose money and followers. If the NBA strike goes into the season then they run the risk of alienating the sport. Similar to what happened in MLB. The only difference? The NBA won’t allow their players to “juice” in order to make the sport more enticing.


  1. It’s a real shame to see the best league in the world in such a state!

  2. @impact – I concur…. I’m forced to cover reality TV– depressing.


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