The Celtics Belong in a Nursing Home

I love the NBA this time of year. You separate the young bucks from the old timers. The Celtics are on the verge of retiring to this nursing home over looking the Atlantic Ocean. After reading this ESPN story I wonder if they even have enough players to make this a contest. The Celts big three are old, real old– Allen is 35, Pierce is 33, and Garnett is 34. The boy leading the nursing home (Rondo) is injured. The last game was chaos between Allen, Pierce, and Rondo all having to come out of the game for injuries. They are professionals and I know they will suit up on Saturday. However, that begs the question— will they be effective?

I have my doubts. By injury default  the Miami Heat are going to advance to the next round. They have been blessed by minimal injuries. Of course it helps that their big 3 is much younger— James 26, Wade 29, and Bosh 27. That is nearly a 10 year age difference. Dare I say it is that simple? At the end of the long and tedious NBA season the younger bodies have an advantage. The Heat have been able to use this advantage to out hustle and out play the Boston Celtics. Cause it ain’t like either team has got a bench (unless you count that James Jones outburst in game 1). Both teams rely HEAVILY on their starters. Last game the Celts had 27 bench points whereas the Heat only had 12.

The series of the playoffs will be in the next round when the Heat matchup against the Bulls. Can the well coached Bulls take out the player’s team in the Heat? I look forward to this matchup and plan on covering every inch of the hardwood. I can already see Joakim Noah flailing as Lebron  backs him down. At least that will give me something worthy of watching in the East… till then I’ll watch my Lakers go down in flames to the Mavs.

The Playoffs are far from over but the writing is on the wall. The Eight Ball says the NBA will almost get their wish with a Mavericks – Heat Final. Its gonna be a doozy. Hell, at least I’ll get that $20 I wagered on the Heat….that is if they win! I wonder if an unborn child can really be a fan of the Heat? Because this image and story is disturbing on sooooo many levels!

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