The Calm, Cool, and Collected Miami Heat

The Heat were chill, real chill yesterday. They took control of the game down the stretch and won 85-75 with controlled ease. Bron-Bron had 29 points and 10 boards. He looked more confident down the stretch. His jumper was going down like Gravy. While Bosh was cooled off with only 10 pts and 7 boards, Dwayne Wade stepped up and produced with 24 points and 9 boards. The Heat actually got bench support (shocking!) with Udonis Haslem scoring 13 and giving 5 boards. The Heat got the monkey off their back with the first victory against the Bulls all season.

I said this earlier in the week – Erik Spoelstra is smart enough to let his big boys make their own adjustments. It paid in spades last night. Even Barkley had to be complementary. Granted, it helps that Derrick Rose choked a lil bit only scoring 21 points. In order for the Bulls to get their MoJo back they need to get Boozer involved. He is a big boy who can hit a jumper from 18 ft. He was ineffective and was benched for the majority of the second half. Another mistake the rooke Coach Thibodeau made was the amount of time he played Kyle Korver. Korver is a 3 point specialist – End of Story! His D is a liability on the floor. As I have always said white men can’t jump and few can play D! Korver logged 18 minutes and had a measly 3 points going 1-5 from trey land. I realize Coach felt pressure to keep him on the floor because they trailed for much of the game. However, leaving him out there when his trey wasn’t going down was a wasteful extravagance the Bulls could not afford.

The series is all tied up 1-1. I’m torn here. In July I bet the Heat at Bill’s Casino in Viva Las Vegas. I’ll win a measly $20 bux if they win the championship (more then I make writing this blog)….But, I would prefer to see a Bulls – Mavs final. I would love to see Mark “the Cock” Cuban back in the Finals. He all by himself is entertaining!

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