The Bulls Are Smoking But The Heat Are Whining

Gotta admit Chicago has got some sexy eye candy. Much better then OKC or Memphis. The Bulls – Heat series will be full of T&A, ball, and MVP play— Lebasketbawl is thankful.

Finally, the NBA gets a big market series to hype. I’m sure TNT is VERY thankful for this. Somehow the ring of Bulls – Heat is better then Boston-Miami. However, it is going to be hard to shake off the 48 point performance by Dirk Nowitzki. Lets hope for ratings sake that the Heat take this one.

This is going to be a much closer series then the 103-82 shellacking suggests. There is no way that the new “big 3” allow this to turn into a Lakers 2011 collapse. We know the Heat aren’t banging each others GF’s and wives— so be default they should have better chemistry. The problem undoubtedly will be the lack of bench. This has plagued the Heat all year. They don’t have the luxury of the 53 point Dallas bench.

The Bulls played the Derrick Rose halftime apology like a fiddle as they powered their way through the lost Heat. I’m not a fan of Eric Spoeltra but he is smart enough to let his peeps make the necessary adjustments. Rose scored 28 points after a real rough 1st half. This shows his MVP chops and his determination. Lebron and Wade will not be held to under 40 points again- I guarantee that!

Today is going to be another kick ass game. Charles Barkley says it best — “The Heat are good but they are a Whiny bunch!” Barkley has been a Lebron hater since the season before his Cleveland exodus. Barkley also has street cred because he predicted that the Bulls would make the NBA Finals. I’m a Barkley lover so I side with his assessment. The Big 3 have cried too much (well at least the Preying Mantus Bosh), whined too much (Bron-Bron), and passed too much (Wade). Lets see how they rebound tonight.

I may not be in the Heat’s corner but I foresee a Heat Victory. These boys are too cocky, too proud, and too determined to go down 0-2. Lets make this a series!

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