The Black Mamba Movie Coming to a TV Near You!

Kobe Bryant is involved with a Nike on making a film. Aptly named “The Black Mamba” trailers are reported to be released for All-Star Weekend according to Dime. Robert Rodriguez is directing and Bruce Willis is acting. Seems like it will rival the commercials D-Wade put out. What every happened to the simpler days of “Mike…If I could be like Mike”

Don’t be fooled. Kobe isn’t too distracted. ESPN is reporting that he disagrees with the assessment of the Lakers defense. Jerry West commented that because of the Lakers age their defense is showing signs of failing. Kobe disagrees. He states that the Lakers defensive numbers are there. I have to concur with Kobe. Numbers are the Numbers. The Lakers are 10th in the league at points allowed – 96.3.  Last I checked that is top 3rd of the league. Jerry West may be a great but maybe he should just keep quiet. The Lakers are in route to win it all again. Why must MR West feel the need to rain on the parade?

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