The BiTCH “Lebron” is CRYING AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN

Now this story is a day or two old but here at lebasketbawl we CAN NOT let the self proclaimed “King the BITCH James” off the hook. I ripped on Brandon Roy about reducing his minutes SO YOU KNOW i’M NOT lETTING the BiTCH KiNg JAmeS off the hook! ESPN kissed some more Lebron ass today helping him “back track” on the facts.

James came out and said that he is playing tooooooo many minutes. Give me a f’in break. First….you destroy a city and now you are pussy footing around how many minutes you have to play? Your magical dream team is 5-4!!!!! Shut the F up and play ball. You might want to work on that thang called “chemistry”.  My BoY KoBe has learned ALL about C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y! Ya’all thought he was crazy to fight with Laker management to bring the “Big Fish” back….Kobe knows what Fish brings even at his “senior” advanced age. Lebron ya gotta learn my man my brotha! Don’t worry you will learn from your mistakes. Maybe by 30 you will get a championship. It’s like “hooked on phonics” the longer you study and practice the better chance you have. ThiS AiN’t ur YeaR BiTCH JaMeS!!! BOW to the “black Mamba” Kobe!

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  1. Lolz, that’s hilarious. lakers definitely have been hot. but lets give heat some more time to shape. i think it’s gonna be interesting after the all-star games.
    nice photo of LB crying, is this a real pic?


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