The 70 Win Spurs; 5th World Championship?

The San Antonio Spurs are off the hook. They are the best team in the west and this is hard for myself to admit. Last night the old man Tim Duncan had a triple double. Granted, it was against the no defense Warriors but it is an impressive feat nonetheless at 34 y/o. This season he is still averaging double digits in scoring (15PPG) and rebounding (10RPG). Can the old one keep this up? If so the Spurs are on their way to a 5th World Championship. 15-2 is one impressive record. Let lebasketbawl be the first to go on record—-the Spurs will win 70 this year.

In the NBA you need to have the players. That is just one facet however. Without the Coach you won’t win. Not many understand the pschye of the NBA player. That is why Jerry Sloan, King Zen, George Karl, Doc Rivers, Larry Brown, and Greg Popovich are so highly reverered.  Not only are they great coaches but they are great coaches that preach defense. Just look at the Miami COLD. It is obvious Eric Spoelstra is the wrong man for the job. Pat Riley is another one of the great coaches that can handle the NBA egos. He will have to come down from “the golden owner’s booth” to save this big 3.

The Spurs have all the makings of a champion. A SG in Ginobili averaging 21 PPG and 5 APG. He is unselfish and is willing to give up the rock in the name of the team (ala the opposite of Mr. Turkey – Allen Iverson). A PG with a pornographic chip on his shoulder (Brent Barry’s ex-wife):

Tony Parker isn’t able to get his rocks off now. This is good to have a pent up porn star…..oops point guard. Parker is averaging 18 PPG an 8 APG. Both guards on this team are unselfish and play strong perimeter defense.

Jefferson helps Duncan at the post scoring 15 PPG. With two legit powers down low and spot on shooting out top the Spurs are poised to win another championship. Not only do they have a strong starting lineup but they also have key role players like Antonio McDyess on the bench. This team is the surprise of the west so far and I look forward to watching them give the Lakers legit competition…


  1. Maybe the Spurs losing to the Clippers will give you some relief. I do not expect them to be a 70 win team as older teams tend to slow down as the season progresses and rest up for the playoffs. The lack of attention Tony Parker has gotten the last few years is surprising, he is still among the best point guards in the game. (Did you see New York Time’s article on the best point guards today, re-posted on’s blog?) I expect the Spurs to end up with 50-60 wins, but no more. Do you have a different take on them after their loss to the Clippers, or do you still think they will win 70 games?



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