The 500,000 Dollar D-League Play

Bruce Pearl was offered 500,000 dollars to be the next coach of the Texas Legends. Give it to Mark Cuban. Only he would spend that kind of money on his minor league affiliate. Granted, Donnie Nelson (President of Basketball Operations for the Mavs) is a co-owner and mouthpiece of the Legends. He may be doin the talking but this is a Cubanist play. Cuban has officially turned into my generation’s George Steinbrenner. He might as well keep his investment relevant. IT ain’t like basketball is going on.

This play is genious. Hire a disgraced ex-NCAA Coach who is awaiting punishment from the NBA. His options are limited: A) Sign with the Legends B) work in TV for ESPN or the like. By increasing the salary to 500k Nelson takes TV out of the mix. Bruce Pearl would be mentally deficient if he didn’t take this gig. Congrats to Bruce for being in the right place at the right time after getting canned from Tennessee.

—-editor’s note: Since we have no NBA basketball I’m going to reinvent LB until then. I’m going to go more TMZ style while just reporting the major news. Might as well turn LB into a soap opera till then…

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