Terrelle Pryor to Play Basketball Instead?

There have been some interesting reports out today that Terrelle Pryor could possibly be considering Memphis as his school of choice to play basketball. I know what your thinking!

“Wait, isn’t this the #1 high school football prospect?”

“Why on earth would he play basketball when his life is already set in football?”

If you are still confused, let me give you a little more background. Pryor is probably the most hyped high school football recruit I can remember in my entire life. The kid has unbelievable skills as a quarterback and was thought to be heading to Michigan, Ohio State or Penn State to bring one of those programs a national title. Michigan seemed to be the likely choice with Rich Rodriguez taking over the program and implementing the spread offense which Pryor would be perfect for. Sure enough, national letter of intent day rolled around and Pryor had still not made a decision and doesn’t seem to be in any sort of rush.

Then the news today comes out that Terrelle will head to Memphis for the weekend on a trip to speak with Memphis basketball coach, John Calipari. Pryor is in fact listed as the #3 small forward in the nation on Rivals.com so it is not all that surprising that he could be thinking of basketball. The rumors started flying a couple of days ago about his basketball options, however people close to the situation were quick to shoot them down, until now.

Pryor could attend Memphis to play both football and basketball which would make Memphis football coach Tommy West unbelievably happy. Obviously Pryor was not ever an option for the football program at Memphis, but with a little Calipari magic they could have just snatched up a ‘program savior.’

I’m also starting to wonder, when is William Wesley’s name going to pop up? We’ve all heard the stories of his friendship with Coach Calipari and the help he can provide with highly touted recruits.

Pryor the NBA player? The plot thickens!

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