Sunday Recap Day!

Another Sunday down and another amazing day of hoops! Check out the results:

  • The Suns take down those poor little Baby Bulls. Hinrich even managed 31 points tonight; still not enough. 88-77 Phoenix.
  • A KG-less Boston team gets dropped at the buzzer by H-E-D-O Turkoglu of all players! Boston just lost 5 of its last 10? Uh oh. 96-93 Orlando.
  • Lebron just told the Lakers who he thinks the MVP should be, himself. Is it just me or can you see Kobe aging a little? A lot of miles on those legs. 98-95 Cavaliers.
  • Caron Butler hands the Bucks a cool 40 points and the Wizards still manage to lose! Not saying they need Agent Zero back yet, but losses like this shouldn’t be happening. 105-102 Milwaukee in OT.
  • You think Brandon Roy wanted those votes for an All-Star bid? Well added him to their ballots today. Erasing a 19 point deficit, the Blazers roll! 94-93 Portland.
  • Dirk plays like a former MVP, and the Nuggets surely needed Melo. 90-85 Dallas.
  • Al Jefferson is REAL good. Career high good today. And the Nets are pathetic. Minnesota has won 3 of 4 and New Jersey just made it 9 losses in a row. 98-95 Timberwolves.
  • The Utah Jazz are on fire at the right time, and the Rockets are really looking banged up. Yao out today and they lose. 97-89 Utah.
  • The Warriors beat the Knicks and are looking forward to Chris Webber rejoining the team. 106-104 Golden State.
  • Seattle is close to falling behind the T-Wolvesfor the worst record in the NBA. Well they lost another to the lowly Kings tonight. 103-101 Sacramento.

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