Sunday Pre-Game 2 NBA Finals Love

Ball Don’t Lie Asks….“Why hasn’t Paul Pierce had an MRI yet?”

We’ll try to get off of this “conspiracy” thing but it’s just too much fun to talk about, especially with game 2 just minutes away. At this point, my mind is made up to turn the game on exactly at game time so I don’t have to hear 10 different takes on Paul Pierce and how his knee is, if he’ll play, how effective he’ll be, and what it means for the Celtics. Lets just play the game and watch Kobe drop 50+!

Greg Oden is workin’ out people!

This video has been everywhere lately, but as a Portland guy, I had to throw it up. Greg Oden looks like he’s actually having some solid workouts which is a major plus for Blazer fans. I still have some concerns but to see him working out that hard with resistance makes you think he’ll be ready by the start of the season. And Rudy Fernandez is coming!

Terry Porter will reportedly be the next Phoenix Suns coach.

Is this the right move? I guess we’ll know about 20 games into the season! He was horrible in Milwaukee but would anyone have been good there? Look at Doc Rivers and the blunders of the Celtics before they had 3 potential hall of famers?

NBA Finals tickets yet?

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