Stick a Fork in the Grizzlies – Its All Over

Rudy Gay is the main reason the Grizz were even in the hunt for the 8th and final playoff spot. His bum shoulder requires surgery and with this news the Grizz season is all but lost. Memphis may be 8-6 since his exodus but I seriously doubt they will be able to continue playing .500 ball. It is incredibly difficult to replace 20 PPG and 6 RPG. Add to that Gay’s steady hand and key jumpers down the stretch and this team is in real trouble. Tonight their task is Boston – a certain loss.

Zack Randolph looks to be the last man standing. He has performed well this season and all the pressure now falls on him. Don’t expect anything from “Mr Concrete” Marc Gasol. Randolph plays bigger then he is and is averaging 20 PPG and nearly 13 RPG. Even Phil Jackson respects Randolph’s game (had to find a way to reference the Lakers).We are soon going to see if Lionel Hollins can win a mix-n-match holiday lottery ticket.

If Coach can someone find a way to get it done then he earned his coin. However, I’m a betting man, and I will never go against Rick Adelman. Rick is as good a coach as it comes and I have full confidence in his ability to get the Houston Rockets into the dance. Memphis, it was a fun ride while it lasted…. Now get ready to pack it in!

Now, I know there are so many Memphis fans out there (cough, cough) but don’t even bother trying to give me your “guards” argument. There is no way Conley and Mayo are going to be able to carry the load. If they do find a way I will personally dedicate two days of lebasketbawl to your dollar losing franchise.


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